USOP Hanoi: Mini Man Event – Day 1B updates 

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USOP Hanoi: Mini Man Event – Day 1B updates

Date: September 5, 2023
Buy in: VND 8,800,000 (~USD 365)
Guarantee: VND 2,000,000,000 (~USD 83,040)
Day 1A: 163 entries (112 unique) / 20 ITM
Day 1B: 276 entries (178 unique) =
Bagging time: 12.5% of the field – 35 ITM players

Chips in play 8,280,000

16:25: River catch for Kyle Bao Diep
Level 11: 1,000-1,500 ante 1,500

From under the gun, Kyle Bao Diep raises to 3,000, utg+2 calls, lojack three-bet jams for 29,000, back to Diep with the call, utg+2 folds. Diep AcQs is dominated by AsKs, with the board running 6sJc9dAdQd, Diep rivers the two pair to ship it and rail one.

Kyle Bao Diep – 100,000

16:15: Chip leaders
Level 11: 1,000-1,500 ante 1,500

Jayvon Carreon – 160,000
Lee Tsung Ying – 170,000
Laury Vanherberghe – 140,000
Nguyen Tien Dong – 165,000
Nguyen Doan Phuong – 180,000
Nguyen Dac Long – 210,000 (chip leader)

16:10: Guarantee crushed at Day 1B! Registration closes at 276 entries
Level 11: 1,000-1,500 ante 1,500


Smashing turnout at Day 1B of the Mini Main Event with a roaring 276 runners! This was over 100 entries more than the opening flight. There are currently 131 players remaining. They play down to ITM of 35 players which is 12.5% of the field. Track the action and bring you updates on the biggest pots and biggest hands leading up to the bubble round.


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Author: Russell Hayes