WPT Prime Taiwan – Day 8 highlights: Kyung Jin Kim, Peng Sen Wu, Anson Tsang win trophies; Hao Ming Chan leads Accumulator

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Day 8 of World Poker Tour (WPT) Prime Taiwan hosted  at Asia Poker Arena in Taipei City concluded in exciting fashion as three players Peng Sen Wu, Kyung  Jin Kim, and Anson Yan Shing Tsang captured their first ever WPT wins. Also wrapping up was Day 1 of the Accumulator where three players double bagged and Hao Ming Chang topped the overall counts.

WPT Prime Taiwan – Festival Results
WPT Prime Taiwan – Player Guide

Peng Sen Wu wins the 8 Max Championship

Taiwan’s Peng Sen Wu was the man of the hour after he rose above the star studded 8 Max Championship final table. Wu defeated Vietnam’s Tung Nguyen at heads up to claim the TWD 1,259,900 (~USD 34,900) top prize and his first ever WPT trophy.

peng sen wuPeng Sen Wu

The 8 Max Championship drew 308 over two entry flights to generate a prize pool of TWD 5,975,200 (~USD 186,875). 39 players reached ITM and returned on Day 2 led by Taiwan’s Chen An Lin. Three and a half hours in, Chien Chih Weng fell to Lin in 11th place to bring about the bubble round to the final table. The final 9 lineup was formed fairly quick with Kuang Hung Lee eliminated in 10th place by Vietnam’s Bien Mai. 

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Within minutes of the final table kickoff, Yoda Lin and Terry Fan bumped the rail, later joined by Leonard Yannick who first doubled up through Park Yu Cheung with pocket Kings but lost the flip with pocket Tens against Chen An Lin‘s big slick.

Leading up to the next bust, Lin pushed on a board 8h7h7d9d3d and Ren Wang tanked while saying “I don’t think I can fold this” then called. Chen showed the Kc10c bluff to double up Wang who had a dominating Js10h straight. This sent Chen plunging to 11 bb and was out shortly after with AhJs dusted by Wu’s JcJh set.

park yu cheungPark Yu Cheung

Five-handed saw Cheung eliminate Bien Mai (5th) and Wang (4th) to earn the chip lead, however, as quick as it came, it also drained equally fast. Cheung fell in 3rd place to Tung Nguyen with KcJc unable to improve against Ad10c.

[This was Cheung’s fifth cash sending him to the top of the Player of the Festival race.]

Heads up kicked off with Nguyen ahead 42 bb to Wu’s 19 bb. Wu doubled up on the first hand with Ad7s dominating Ac4d then picked up another big pot to switch the counts.

head up

Nguyen recovered with 8d9d outdrawing Wu’s 5c5s which he followed up with a flush to jump back out front. Another big switch up went down with Wu’s 8d9d spiking both cards to beat AhKd. The final hand arrived with Wu’s JcJs improving to a set to defeat Nguyen’s Qc3c on a board of 8hJdQdKs5h.

Date: August 14 to 15, 2023
Buy in: TWD 22,000 (~USD 690)
Guarantee: TWD 2,000,000 (~USD 62,550)
Entries: 308
Prize pool: TWD 5,975,200 (~USD 186,875)
ITM: 39 places

Final 9 payouts


Peng Sen Wu

Tung Nguyen

Park Yu Cheung
Hong Kong

Ren Wang

Bien Mai

Chen An Lin

Leonard Yannick

Terry Fan

Yoda Lin

Full payouts in the WPT Prime Taiwan – Festival Results

Anson Yan Shing Tsang Megastack Single Day HR

anson tsang 2Anson Tsang and friends

The 100K buy in Megastack Single Day High Roller started fairly quiet with seven early birds earning a TWD 3K cash back. By the end of registration, the numbers jumped to 26 for a prize pool of TWD 2,345,500 (~USD 73,355). Earning the lion’s share was three-time WSOP bracelet champion Anson Yan Shing Tsang from Hong Kong who outdueled Filipino Vamerdino Magsakay at heads up.


The battle for the title was more of a ping pong match with the chips going back and forth. The first all in went to Magsakay with Qc10c dominating Jc9h with both players missing the board. Tsang recovered with 5d5h surviving 10s7s overcards.

The third round, both players hit top pair on a flop Js8s5s, Magsakay was ahead AdJc to Tsang’s Jd10c. The runout Kd and 7h sent the chip lead back to the Filipino’s corner.

anson tsang 1

Tsang went on to win the fourth shove with Ad8c dominating QcJh but lost the next fifth one with 4h5c straight draw failing to improve for Magsakay’s JhJd to prevail.

Date: August 15, 2023
Buy in: TWD 100,000 (~USD 3,150)
Entries: 26
Prize pool: TWD 2,345,500 (~USD 73,355)
ITM: 5 places
Winner: ANSON YAN SHING TSANG – Hong Kong – TWD 880,000 (~USD 27,520)

*Full payouts to be posted

Kyung Jin Kim wins the Ladies Event

kyung jinKyung Jin Kim

Swell turnout at the Ladies Event with 6 tables filled up by the 70 entrants. The field was nearly three times larger than last year’s attendance. Among the notables was Chien Chih “Maggie” Weng who was the unfortunate bubble, falling to France’s Sokeina. 


The final 9 ladies were now guaranteed a piece of the TWD 346,300 (~USD 10,830) prize pool. Three hours later, the champion emerged with Korea’s lone finalist Kyung Jin Kim eliminating Ming Yu Wei at heads up.

Prior to the winning moment, Kim doubled up with 8d4d spiking the four to dust Ace-Eight. This led to the final hand with Kim holding Ad6h, Wei 2d2s, the final board 3dJc7d6d4d for the nut flush.

Watch the final table action via the livestream on CTP Twitch.

Date: August 15, 2023
Buy in: TWD 6,000 (~USD 190)
Entries: 70
Prize pool: TWD 346,300 (~USD 10,830)
ITM: 9 places


Kyung Jin Kim

Ming Yu Wei

Meng Ling Lin

Hua Wei Lin

Jenelee Dizon

Ya Ting Chou


Shu Mei Zhang

Fang Hsin Yu

Event 22: Megastack Accumulator – Day 1 results

Date: August 15 to 16, 2023
Buy in: TWD 11,000 (~USD 345)
Day 1A: 139 entries / 34 survivors
Day 1B: 160 entries / 37 survivors

Hao ming changHao Ming Chang

Day 1A chip leader: HAO MING CHANG – Taiwan – 498,500

pradeep sharmaPradeep Sharma

Day 1B chip leader: PRADEEP SHARMA NUDVRUMATI – India – 386,000

Double Qualifiers

Le Ngoc Khan –  182,500 + 225,500 = 408,000 (puts him second in chips)
Jereld Sam – 148,500 + 108,000 = 256,500
Jasper Yong – 26,500 + 57,500 = 84,000

WPT Player of the Festival

The WPT Player of the Festival race is on! Below are the standings after twenty completed events. More points to collect with over 40 point-generating events scheduled. The player with the most points accrued at the end of the series wins a WPT Passport worth USD 5,000 to any WPT Main Tour in 2023.

pof 112

WPT Prime Taiwan Season XXI Key Highlights

Eight days in the books with plenty of action still ahead. WPT Prime Taiwan boasts the richest and most extensive lineup ever announced by the global brand in Asia. A total of 46 trophy events are scheduled highlighted by the Main Event. Make sure to check the schedule link provided for all the details and structure.

WPT Prime Taiwan – Full Schedule

wpt prime trophy 2

The WPT Prime Main Event gets underway on August 17 and runs until August 21. For a buy in of TWD 33,000 (~USD 1,075), players have a shot at the mighty USD 1,000,000 guarantee. This is the largest tournament prize pool advertised by the WPT for Taiwan. To further display the worth of this event, the champion will receive a 2023 WPT World Championship seat worth USD 10,400. The WPT value-adds airfare and accommodation.

For high rollers,  the CTP High Stakes Challenge is the most expensive with buy in of TWD 300,000 (~USD 9,475). The WPT Prime Super High Roller and WPT Prime High Roller 3K are also big wig favorites and are certain to attract the creme de la creme of the region.

WPT Global

Did you know that WPT brand launched WPT Global? WPT Global is one of the fastest growing rooms, has a soft field, and offers action in every limit.

Read our WPT Global review or register here:

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Or contact us for any questions.


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